Full Moon Dahab

Full Moon- Tribal Gathering Dahab

The FULL MOON is again shining on the little village of Dahab on the shores of the Red Sea! Time for us to call out for another gathering with dance & laughter!

These gatherings have a long history reaching all the way back to the ancient tribes around the globe gathering for sacred dance rituals to awaken higher spirits. Back in the 70s, 80s and 90s a new form of parties has come forward on the legendary beaches of Goa, India and Thailand, where thousands of hippies gathered to celebrate dance music under the stars and moon! Acacia Hotel and Sun Network invite you to dance with us until the early hours of the 27th.

    Dance-Arena: (Progressive, Psytechno, Full-On and Night):
  • ☯ PSYCHOGENESIS (Sangoma Rec., Psyleb) - Lebanon
    (Sangoma Rec., Psyleb)
  • ☯ BEATHEAD - Germany
    (Sun Department Rec.)
  • ☯ UNCLE SAM - Egypt
    (Sun Network)
  • ... and more...
  • ☯ FLUORONAUTEN - Egypt/Germany
    UV-Stretch, Backdrops, Stringart
  • ☯ PSYLEB - Lebanon
  • ☯ PSYNAI - Egypt
    Projections, 3D-Mapping

More info soon ....

Organisation: Acacia Hotel and Sun Network & friends!

Contact: Write us on www.facebook.com/sunnetwork.egypt


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