Full Moon Dahab

FULL MOON Psychedelic Tribal Gathering

Acacia Hotel and Sun Network are more than happy to announce the first FULL MOON gathering in Dahab in 2015!

We have sat together for quite some time and decided that the most well-known dance party, the origin of all open air raves and the former mystical dance ritual of ancient tribes should be held again in Sinai!

When in the 70s and 80s the first electronic music events were held on the shores of the west-indian state GOA, they started a whole global movement of gatherings and events held under the full moon! The energies around the world are linked with the moon cycle and many of you know that during full moon the energies rise to a very high level!

Dahab is for us the perfect place to start integrating these gatherings again frequently! The place has this "special magic" that many of you noticed and felt drawn to...

We want to invite you all to come and gather for this special occasion and dance with us all night connected with hundreds of similar events around the world!


    Music-Lineup (Progressive, Full-on, Forest, Dark):
  • PSYCHOGENESIS (Sangoma Rec., Psyleb) - Lebanon
  • BEATHEAD (Sun Department Rec.) - Germany
  • ☯ UNCLE SAM (Sun Network) - Egypt
    Deco Art:
  • ☯ FLUORONAUTEN UV-Stretch, UV-light, Stringart
  • ☯ PSYLEB UV-Backdrops
  • ☯ PSYNAI Projections, 3D-Mapping
  • ☯ SUN HOUSE Chai, Healthy teas, energy-snacks - regenerate your energies!

Location: Sahara! at ACACIA Hotel, Dahab

Orga: Sun Network & friends!


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