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Acacia Dahab Hotel: Destination Guide

Dahab is a world-renowned snorkeling, scuba diving and windsurfing destination positioned along the Red Sea and surrounded by spectacular mountains and surreal desert. The laid back ambience is contagious and whether you wish to explore the natural wonders of Sinai or simply have a cocktail and lounge by the pool, you will find the Acacia Dahab Hotel extremely accommodating.

There is something extraordinary about Dahab, a tranquil oasis with blue skies, dazzling deep blue seas, a refreshing breeze, and at night, a lively town lit up by shops, restaurants and candlelight.


Most people come to Dahab to enjoy the many types of water sports Dahab has to offer. Diving and snorkelling may be the most popular and well known activities. But Dahab is also known for its wind; with an average of 260 -more or less- windy days, it’s a perfect destination for kite surfing and wind surfing, too. But still this is not all Dahab has to offer. There are Camel Safari’s, with or without diving. Overnight trips to the desert for the more adventurous visitors, or you can opt for one of many one day Desert Safari’s, even custom made. If you just come to relax or your days are already filled with (one of) the many water sports activities, try a Bedouin Dinner in the desert around Dahab. It’s a mesmerizing experience to see your meal being prepared the traditional way, whilst watching the many stars above you. Try rock climbing, Quad Bike Safari’s, Boat trips or visit Mount Sinai and St. Catherine’s Monastery.


Famous and popular places to visit whilst in Dahab include the most lively area around the Lighthouse or the bay. It offers usually very calm conditions for swimmers, snorkelers and divers and has many shops and restaurants to choose from. The Lagoon, south of the city centre offers a beautiful view and is popular for wind- and kite surfers of all levels of experience. The Canyon and the Blue Hole, just north of Dahab, are both famous and infamous dive sites, with lots of restaurants nearby, a beautiful place to explore, even when not diving. Ras Abu Galloum is a Bedouin settlement further north of the Blue Hole. It is not accessible by car from Dahab, but you can take a walk along the stunning path that takes you from the Blue Hole all the way up to Abu Galloum. Or you can take a camel. Slightly further north again you can find the Blue Lagoon. Known for good kite surfing conditions or if you want to enjoy a few days away from village life.

Further south you can find an area commonly known as “South”. It has many dive sites for divers to enjoy, but even when just swimming or snorkelling it can give you a very relaxed day out with an excellent view and see the mountains really meet the sea.

Between Dahab and Sharm el Sheikh is a place called Nabq. Here you can find mangrove forests and a variety of birds and animals not commonly seen around Dahab.

Night view of Acacia Dahab Hotel


You don’t always need to leave the hotel to find entertainment. Acacia Hotel offers regular Movie Nights and Game Nights and organises Musical events or Parties. These activities are not limited to our hotel guests only. We advertise within our local community, so it’s a very nice way to meet some new people!

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