Acacia Dahab Hotel with the animals

Acacia Dahab Hotel for the Animals

Dahab is a home to many stray dogs and cats. Without vaccinations or medicine many animals struggle through life in poor condition. With easy access to food and water as well as warm temperature all year round, the population of stray animals in Dahab is getting out of control.

Acacia Hotel loves animals, we care about them and the environment. Acacia Animal Welfare has worked independently and in cooperation with Animal Welfare Dahab to reduce the population by organising castration projects.

You can easily play a part to the nice cause of helping stray cats and dogs live happy and healthy lives by contributing 5 Egyptian pounds extra for each day of your stay at Acacia Hotel or by donating directly in reception. Your donation will go directly to castrating and helping sick animals in need of medicine. Thank you so much for your consideration, all donations, no matter how big or small, are greatly appreciated.

For more information on our project or how to donate feel free to email us.


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