Here is were you can find what is going every night at Acacia Dahab Hotel.

Convergence Dahab

The Convergence

Acacia Hotel is happy to announce a very special offer for those looking at coming to Dahab for Christmas and New Years. Its about time for another journey throughout one week to converge a diverse range of sounds to take us into the new year.

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Full-moon Dahab

Full Moon- Tribal Gathering Dahab

The FULL MOON is again shining on the little village of Dahab on the shores of the Red Sea! Time for us to call out for another gathering with dance & laughter! Acacia Hotel and Sun Network invite you to dance with us until the early hours of the 27th.

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Full-moon Dahab

FULL MOON Psychedelic Tribal Gathering

Acacia Hotel and Sun Network are more than happy to announce the first FULL MOON gathering in Dahab in 2015! We want to invite you all to come and gather for this special occasion and dance with us all night connected with hundreds of similar events around the world!

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This Autumn Celebrate Eid at Acacia Dahab Hotel

Happy Eid!

In this weekend full of activities, Acacia invites you to join the fun! We will start with a mixture of artists from Cairo, coming together for a live concert and/or acoustic jam. On the 23rd we will continue the musical flow with a Goa Trance party, with DJ’s from Cairo and Dahab and our local Uncle Sam, taking you into the rabbit hole. From sunset we will have a fire circle and acoustic Jam session on the beach in our Sahara Restaurant.

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Frederic from Space in concert at Acacia

Frederic in Space with Friends

This Friday August 14, 2015 Acacia Hotel is hosting "Frederic, in Space with Friends". Join us in Sahara restaurant from 9 PM for a trip to space with Frederic, who will be playing his own compositioned tracks with guitar, vocals, drums, base and synthesizer.

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Celebrate Eid 2015 at Acacia Hotel Dahab

Happy Eid 2015

In this weekend full of activities, Acacia invites you to join the fun! Fantastic events are organised as special entertainment during the Eid Holidays. Of course the events are for our hotel guests to enjoy, but visitors from the local community are also welcome. Join us and celebrate Eid or Life under the Dahab starry nights.

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Fire Ring And Acoustic Jam Music at Acacia Hotel Dahab

Fire Circle & Acoustic Jam

A great way to enjoy the sunset in Dahab! Acacia Hotel will have a fire circle on the beach in Sahara Restaurant, followed by an acoustic jam...

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Game Night in Dahab

Game Night at Acacia Dahab Hotel

Next Monday (March 9th) come and play various games, all night! Play what you want, when you want, who you want to play with and however long you want to play for!

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Movie Nights in Dahab

Movie Nights at Acacia Dahab Hotel

Acacia is now showing movies on a weekly basis! Every week, ahead of the event, we will advertise 2 possible options of movies to show. The one with the most likes or votes will be shown. The other movie will be advertised the week after, along with another one. A movie that doesn’t get chosen 3 times in a row will not be advertised anymore.

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