Acacia Hotel

The Concept of Acacia Dahab Hotel

The Acacia Hotel respects and idolizes all plant life and diverse nature growing in Sinai. One plant in particular caught our attention...

The extremely determined Acacia tree grows tenaciously in Dahab and the deserts of Sinai. With rain showers occurring once or twice a year, the Acacia tree strives in exceptionally severe climates. Due to these harsh desert conditions, Acacias grow very slowly in Sinai. A mature tree of eight to twelve metres high is approximately eighty to one hundred years old.

Local Bedouins hold the Acacia tree in great respect, the tree has served them well for centuries and has many traditional uses such as medicine and stuffing material for camel saddles.

The eagerness and determination that the Acacia tree demonstrates has in turn inspired the Acacia family to create a hotel that strives on giving the utmost service and hospitality. As the local Bedouins use the Acacia tree for healing, the Acacia Dahab Hotel aims to heal our guests by creating an atmosphere of extreme relaxation and serenity.

Acacia Dahab Hotel, Pool
Dahab Acacia Tree
Acacia Dahab Hotel, Lobbie

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