Acacia Dahab Hotel - Accommodation in Dahab, Egypt (Red Sea).

Welcome to Acacia Dahab Hotel!

Located in the heart of peaceful Dahab, Egypt is the Acacia Dahab Hotel. Our newly renovated, family-run hotel is situated directly on the waterfront. Overlooking the amazing Red Sea, you will find your stay at the Acacia Dahab Hotel an experience of serenity and a place for every type of traveler. Much like the atmosphere of Dahab itself, the hotel design creates a calm soothing, and private atmosphere for our guests.  It is our pleasure to welcome you to Dahab, Sinai, and Egypt to show you the many wonders it has to offer.

Dahab is a world-renowned snorkeling, scuba diving and windsurfing destination positioned along the Red Sea and surrounded by spectacular mountains and surreal desert. The laid back ambience is contagious and whether you wish to explore the natural wonders of Sinai or simply have a cocktail and lounge by the pool, you will find the Acacia Dahab Hotel extremely accommodating.  There is something extraordinary about Dahab, a tranquil oasis with blue skies, dazzling deep blue seas, a refreshing breeze, and at night, a lively town lit up by shops, restaurants and candlelight.

As well as accommodation, Acacia Dahab Hotel boasts Mazaj Cocktail Lounge, which is great for any night out featuring live music and Oriental jazz. Complete with a tapas menu and party platters, Mazaj Cocktail Lounge is great for dining and going out. Sahara Restaurant and Grill serves Middle-Eastern and Mediterranean fusion cuisine and offers a dining experience unique to Dahab. If you’re feeling adventurous, explore the wonders of the Red Sea with Acacia Dive Centre. Our Dive Centre can organize diving courses, scuba diving excursions, and snorkeling trips around Dahab and the Red Sea. There are plenty of desert excursions and safaris in Dahab, South Sinai, and Egypt available at Acacia Dahab Hotel. Our friendly staff at the concierge will be happy to book tours and answer questions. Dahab is only one hour from Sharm el Sheikh airport and we offer shuttle busses straight from Sharm el Sheikh to Acacia Dahab Hotel.

Acacia Dahab Hotel, 5 Mashraba Street, Dahab, South Sinai, Egypt, Telephone: +20 69 364 04 01, Fax: +20 69 364 04 03,
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